Thursday, September 15, 2011

My 40th Anniversary - Again!

Last year, my husband and I celebrated our REAL 40th anniversary - the anniversary of our first date, and the beginning of a long, wild ride. On October 2 we'll be celebrating the 40th anniversary of our wedding - it was a fun day, but we still consider it secondary to our April anniversary.

Yep, that's the famous $12 wedding dress. My mom managed a couple apparel departments at Marshall Field's, including the prom shop. When this dress went on clearance, it was marked down to $20. With her discount, $12. Even in those days, that was freaking cheap! The fancy headgear I was wearing cost more than the dress, and it was painfully anchored to my head with a gazillion bobby pins.

My flowers and wedding cake came from local businesses that had family connections: Jarosch Bakery (one of my first jobs was there - saw Betty Jarosch about a year ago, and reminisced) and Berthold's supplied the flowers. Both are still going strong!

We've been reminiscing, and one of our favorite memories is the music. Neither of us were much on organ music, so when the organ in my tiny Presbyterian church died, we were more than happy to create our own wedding soundtrack.

These songs were among the highlights!

Here are the instructions for the lead-in music:

Some cute cards from my wedding shower:


dontcallmejessie said...

I love love love this post, Mama! I think I'm going to post a link to it in my next post. :)

Anonymous said...

lThe absolute best party we've ever had or been to! Guests were still there at noon the next day. Love you both!!

Becke Davis said...

It was one wild wedding party! As I recall, the police were called at once point (after the reception moved from Nordic Hills Country Club to my parents' townhouse in Elk Grove), and they ended up staying for the party. I think half of Elk Grove was there.

I left my purse at home and had to come back for it the day after the wedding. (We didn't go on a honeymoon - I had to start work at Marshall Field's new Woodfield store two days later.) The house was still full of people!

Becke Davis said...

I thought "anonymous" was Marty, but on re-reading this, I don't think so. Dad - is that you?

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