Monday, October 5, 2009

Men in Kilts

My critique partner has a thing about guys in kilts. Now I, of course, am above all that. I can resist those bare-chested, kilt-wearing hotties on the covers of the latest romance novels -- for at least a minute or two.

But I don't draw the line at the Gerry Butler types. I think it may go back to my Scottish ancestry, but I must admit a certain fascination with Scottish literati of the talk show variety. My husband and I are both hooked on Craig Ferguson, in part because my husband also moved to the U.S. as a young man. Unlike Ferguson, who recently became an American citizen, my husband has steadfastly clung to his British roots.

Still, it was no surprise that when Ferguson's new book AMERICAN ON PURPOSE came out, that my husband and I would want to read it. We bought the book on a trip to Chicago and I read aloud from it for a good part of the drive home. We liked it so much that, in addition to the book, we've downloaded the audio version (read by Ferguson) to listen to on our next long drive.

So what is it about Scots and kilts, anyway? Are you smitten by Scots? What are your favorite books (or book covers) about Scottish heroes?