Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just Say N.O.?

I noticed an odd thing today. On the keyboards of both my laptop and desktop computers, the letters N and O are almost invisible.

The <, >, L and A keys are also pretty worn, but not as much as N and O.

Why is that?

Okay, so this isn't exactly a question to challenge the great minds of the world, but it's bugging me. I don't think I write "no" a lot, but why else would those letters -- more than the other 24 -- be worn off both keyboards?

Is my keyboard giving me some kind of subliminal message: Just say N.O.? I would have thought I'd be more of a "yes" person, pleaser that I am. (I'm intrigued by that book THE YEAR OF YES, but figure I'm halfway there already.)

Am I secretly a "no" person?

Or it could be that my keyboard is trying to talk to me: Enough is enough, lady. You've written a few million words in the past couple years, give me a freaking break.

Yeah, I could see that. The computer probably comes to life at night and screws up my stories, too.

Am I getting a psychic message from the Great Beyond? Hell if I know -- or should I say, "hell if I 'no'?"

C'mon, smart people. Help me out. We can't solve all the problems of the world, but maybe you can help me with this one.

Why aren't the "e" and "s" keys -- surely more popular letters -- worn out on my keyboards?

Why is my computer saying N.O.???


Daphne Wedig said...

Tooooo funny! My keyboard at work has the e, h, i, o, l and a rubbed off ... and this is my 3rd keyboard in one year! :-) Best always, Daphne

Keri Stevens said...

Your computer is a dirty little hussy. Or . . . someone is. It's really "on".

Becke Davis said...

Keri -"On" -- why didn't I think of that? I really am stuck on "no," aren't I?

So which keys are worn on YOUR keyboard?

Daphne, so what does that spell? I did an anagram search and came up with these:

Eh Oil
He Oil
Hie Lo
Hole I
Lie Ho
Lie Oh
Lei Ho
Lei Oh
Ole Hi
Eh I Lo
He I Lo

Renee Vincent said...

I have a whloe slew of invisible letter keys:

hahahah and you know what I can get out of that?

oh wow....I think that is my hidden message. Or that I just have typed that last name so darn much! hahah

Becke Davis said...

At least that makes sense, Renee. I can't figure mine out.

dontcallmejessie said...

haha Good one, Mom!

Becke Davis said...

So, JESSIE (nah nah nah boo boo), what keys are worn off YOUR computer?

Christina Wolfer said...

My laptop is fairly new, so the keys aren't invisible yet, but I can see the worn spots on E,R,T,A,D and the space bar where my thumb sits. I noticed all my worn keys are on the left side of the keyboard. Since I'm left handed maybe I hit/lean harder on those keys, but that's so boring compared to Keri's thoughts on the subject.

Rosie Murphy w/a Gabriella Edwards said...

Well, I'm proud to say my keyboard is free of...*gasp* N! My n is missing it's second up-slash! What the hell? Gremlins!

You know, I bet it's something as innocuous (is that how that's spelled?) as how much paint/ink/whatever they call it, is used on key boards.

FIELD TRIP! I think it's time to go see how these little boogers are made. Who wants to come with?

And Tina that's funny about the thumb print. Mine has one as well. Hmmm..."on"...

Becke Davis said...

Tina - the anagram maker came up with these for your letters:

Tad Re
Tar Ed
Rat Ed
Art Ed
At Red

Rosie - Maybe that field trip could be to Logitech so we could all get new keyboards with letters that AREN'T worn off.

And, hey, you're right -- there's a worn place from my thumb on the space bar, too.

I swear I'm stone cold sober, although I may have a touch of cabin fever. But seriously, why do they put all these keys on here that we never even use? I don't think I've ever touched the whole right side of my keyboard! Weird.

hope101 said...

Well I came here to make the brilliant comment about "no" really being "on" and I see Keri beat me to it. She beats me to everything.


My keyboard is remmarkably unscathed. Our microwave, however, is lazy. The "enter" button is completely schmoed, so any visitors become confused.

Becke Davis said...

Aaah, I think the subliminal message is "Hope is hot," since microwaves are all about heat!

Becke Davis said...

But seriously, how can your keyboard be unscathed? You blog all the time and I know you're working on stories. Why aren't your keys worn? Do you have some super coating on them?

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