Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm in Patricia McLinn's Reader Hall of Fame!

I've been a fan of Patricia McLinn's for many years. We met at the Lori Foster Reader and Writer Get Together in Cincinnati this year -- she now lives in my area and is in the Ohio Valley romance writers chapter, too. She's just updated her website, and I'm honored to be in her Reader Hall of Fame! Here's the link:

It came as no surprise to me that Patricia is a dog lover, too. My dog died two years ago, and I still miss her. With my son in Chicago and my daughter in Orlando, I'm traveling a lot right now. My husband and I both want a dog, but we don't think it would be fair when we're gone so much. But I love reading stories like this:

Here's Patricia's book list. I've read them all, and I love them (as you've figured out by now):


hope101 said...

Ooh, Becke, I like this template a lot. And the fish! I'm so, so jealous. WordPress doesn't allow flash at all, so I'll never reach this pinnacle of animation. Also, Thich Nhat Hahn is one of the greats. I knew there's a reason I enjoy you.

Becke Davis said...

Jan - It's not nearly as pretty as yours, but thank you!

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